Buttonholes & Corsages

Most Popular Buttonhole

A rose tends to be the most popular buttonhole for the bridegroom but other options are a Cala lily, if the bride has chosen these as her main flower, a gerbera, lisianthus or orchid. Most flowers will make a beautiful buttonhole as long as they aren’t too big.

For the Bridegroom

The bridegrooms cravat or tie colour should be considered when choosing his flower but most cravats and ties are in the same colour theme as the brides flowers. It is nice to add another flower, some extra foliage or grasses to make the bridegroom’s buttonhole extra special.

Ushers and Groomsmen

If there are ushers or groomsmen we tend to make their buttonholes with just a flower and an ivy leaf with the best man, lady or men having something in between.

Tradition of Buttonholes

It is very unusual these days to provide buttonholes for anyone but the main wedding party. It adds significantly to the cost of the wedding flowers. A lot of the lady guests worry about attaching a flower to their new wedding outfit. On that note, when Petal Partners make ladies bound flowers or corsages they are always made with a magnet attached to avoid unnecessary damage.

Ladies Corsages

The ladies corsages can be made to attach to the outfit, the wrist or a handbag. All the flowers are wired. Foliage is incorporated to make a miniature display. They are very time consuming and therefore quite expensive which is why we now offer the bound flowers. These are also wired but have a lot less content. This makes them quicker and easier and therefore cheaper. The stems are bound with fine ribbon. They are then curled but other options are possible and would be suggested at the consultation. The flowers for ladies buttonholes do not have to be the same as the other bridal flowers. It is a good idea for them to tone, as well as toning with the ladies outfit, as they look better in the photographs.

Delivery Options

The buttonholes are usually delivered with the bouquets but it is always possible to deliver some to another nearby location.