Religious & Civil Ceremonies

For the Marriage Ceremony

The marriage ceremony is the most important part of the wedding. We love to decorate the venue whether it is a church, synagogue, castle, country house, hotel, barn or marquee, in fact anywhere where a wedding can take place. The mandap pictured was in Italy and created a wonderful stage for the ceremony. The flowers were all silk and therefore posed no problem in the searing heat whilst looking very realistic.

Many venues have the facility for the wedding to take place outside, weather permitting. The chair covers look beautiful with the addition of a small posy attached with a Chiffon bow. Naturally this would look equally beautiful inside.

Pew ends are a pretty addition to the church and decorate the focal point where the bride will walk. They can be made as a formal arrangement but look just as beautiful as a small posy. There are other possibilities which would be discussed with the bride and groom if requested.

Anglo Indian wedding ceremony

All venues benefit from the addition of a pedestal arrangement.  These can be tall as in the picture above or of a traditional design usually seen in churches. The flowers don’t have to be the same as the bridal flowers but would generally be in the same colour theme. Suitable flowers would usually be larger such as lilies, hydrangeas or peonies.  They can often be moved after the ceremony and re sited where the wedding breakfast is to take place.

We can supply a white wedding arch which can be decorated with chiffon and fresh flowers, either posies or formal arrangements.

We can decorate lych gates and church entrances with both fresh and silk garlands.

We have a variety of fairy lights and have a unique way of using candles without flames in venues where candles are not allowed such as Hever and Hurstmonceaux castles.